By Authority: Friends to Elect

Joan M. Pratt, CPA

Pamela Burney, Treasurer 


Campaign Headquarters

1900 E. Northern Parkway, T10

Baltimore, MD 21239

(410) 501-7374






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Comptroller Joan M. Pratt, CPA Saves Money

for the Citizens of Baltimore

  • Under the experienced leadership of Joan M. Pratt, CPA, the Office of the Comptroller determined that the City's traditional telephone network was costly to the City. In addition, the expense associated with using outdated communications technology increased yearly, not only for hard dollars spent in maintenance, but the system was fast becoming unreliable. Comptroller Joan M. Pratt, CPA spearheaded the implementation of a new telephone network across the city with reduced cost savings of $1.2 million to $1.6 million a year. The City received an upgraded phone system with improvements to the infrastructure and a better interworking relationship among agencies.

  • The Office of the Comptroller is responsible for the certification of the Municipal Post Office to a full-service Post Office. Not only has the cost of overhead been reduced, but this action has resulted in a tremendous savings to the citizens of Baltimore.


  • Comptroller Joan M. Pratt, CPA has saved the citizens $1 million by voting against the increase of YOUR water bill 19 times.

  • The Office of the Comptroller has generated $8.6 million in revenue for the City of Baltimore as part of a lease administration managing antenna tower.

  • The Comptroller has helped shape economic development, and affordable housing by ensuring that the developers of TIF and PILOT's, commit to at least 20% of all units being affordable, provide jobs for city residents and equal opportunities for minorities to participate in all aspects of the development process, including ownership.

  • Through the marketing of the tax sale certificates, Joan M. Pratt, CPA has assisted community development corporations, major developers, first time investors and homeowners with site selection and assemblage.